Untamed  Colombia Journey

Untamed  Colombia  Journey


Do you want to know why Colombia is motorcycle travler's favorite adventure riding destination in all of South America? Come and experience the most beautiful landscapes, the widest variety in terrains, food, climates, and the friendliest people along the way.

Be ready to be surprised at every turn and every destination we have chosen for you. Colombia will steal your heart and will give you the Adventure of a lifetime!!

Motorcycle Tours In Colombia

 17 DAYS



1950 MILES


FROM US $4,999

Day 1: Arrive in Cali- Colombia.

We will pick you up at airport and take you to your hotel of choice or to our Journey partner's headquarters if you decide to stay with us. After all riders have arrived, we will go out for dinner to get to know your new adventure buddies! Paperwork signing and briefing will take place on first day if time allows.

Day 2: Cali – Salento

Mixed Terrain – 300 km

We head out north from Cali to Calima Lake through old and secondary roads that most locals don’t even know existed. We will be offroading whithin 5 minutes after we leave. On this first strech we have options of some really technical sections to get your heart pumping, or…we can take it nice and easy up the mountain highway with some really nice twisties. This first day has cool surprises along the way switching from off-road to pavement all the way to Salento. At the end of the day we make it to our first destination in the heart of the coffee region to enjoy a well deserved dinner and walk around town.

Day 3: El Cairo – Jardin

Mixed Terrain – 260 km

We start bright and early to go visit The Cocora Valley, about 15 minutes ride from Salento, its unique vegetation and famous palm trees (tallest in world) will be the perfect start for our second day adventure ride!

Today’s destination is top 5 most beautiful towns in Colombia, honoring its name Jardin (Garden). We will ride through world famous Colombian coffee and plantain fields, small villages, and dirt roads only local farmers use to transport their produce. We will ride the Andes ridges and experience termperature and elevation swings along the way. The approach to Jardin is one of my favorite views in Colombia, and the spirit of this town will steal your heart.

The motorcycle of your choice. Alternatively you also have the option to bring your own bike (BYOB).

Expert local guide / lead rider for the duration of the tour.


16 nights accommodation is included in the cost on a shared basis. Single occupancy options are available.


Support vehicle for luggage transport during the tour. (with 5 or more confirmed riders)

Breakfast are included in the price.


Airport transfers are included in the overall cost of the tour.



Fuel used during the tour is included in the price if you are using one of our bikes. BYOB clients must supply your own fuel.


Air fares and appropriate visas are not included in any of the pricing.


Fuel is not included on the tour if you are bringing your own motorcycle (BYOB).



Day 4: Jardin – Guatapé

Mixed Terrain – 230 km

If you already think this is the best riding you have ever done, think again. Today’s destination will blow your mind. We will ride more twisties than you thought were possible in one day, a perfect mix of dirt and pavement will keep you entertained all day! Guatape is a really unique and colorful town sitting by a beautiful reservoir, its peaceful surroundings and the view of the magestic Peñol Rock will make you want to move here.

Day 5: Guatapé – Río Claro

Mixed Terrain – 95 km

Today we conquer El Peñol !, not on the bikes, but by walking up 740 steps on the side of the rock, it is a challenging climb but the views are so worth it when we get to the top, if you are up for it.

Today’s destination is another unique spot in the middle of the rain forest, we will experience it first hand and hopefully have time to enjoy the marble river bed that runs along our cabins. This is a shorter riding day but not short on views, waterfalls and twisties.


Day 6: Río Claro – Girón

Mixed Terrain – 400 km

Yesterday was our shortest riding day…today will be our longest so be ready for a full day of amazing riding, switchbacks that will make you want to say “let’s do it again” and views that will inspire you. Our destination is a mid-sized city that grew from a small colonial town which is where we will be staying. Girón – Santander.

​Day 11: Girardot – Desierto Tatacoa

Mixed Terrain – 160 km

Today’s destination is one of a kind, we are headed to The Tatacoa Desert! We will have to ride across old bridges, tunnels, and cross the Magdalena river on a small canoe to get to this place, the vegetetion and terrain are unique to this part of the country and unlike anything you have seen on our previous destinations. An oasis of peace and beauty awaits for us to spend the night.

  • Day 12: Desierto Tatacoa – San Agustín

Mostly paved – 260 km

We are headed to San Agustin, a town in the Andes Mountains of western Colombia. It’s known for its proximity to the San Agustín Archaeological Park, home to numerous pre-Colombian remains spread over several sites. This is a very relaxed and easy ride, just in time for our next rest day.                    

Day 13: San Agustín Rest Day

In San Agustin we have options to go check out some archelogical sites, horse back ride, water fall swim or just walk around town and relax.

Day 14: San Agustin – Laguna de Cocha

Mixed Terrain – 290 km

Hope you had a good rest in San Agustin as you need to be on top of your game for this ride. We will be riding through Trampolin de la Muerte or Trampoline of Death, the most dangerous road in Colombia. This is the road that connects the capital of the jungle department of Putumayo with it’s Andean/Pacific neighbour, Narino. This stretch of road is nothing but thrilling, exciting and breathtaking. Be ready to be amazed and to have the ride of your life!


Our beautiful destination hotel awaits by the calm waters of The Cocha Lake for a well-deserved rest and dinner.


Day 15: Laguna de Cocha – Popayán

All paved – 280 km

As we make our way back to Cali, we head up north to beautiful Popayan, this town is well known for its colonial architecture and its contributions to Colombian cultural and political life. It is also known as the “white city” due to the color of the most of colonial houses and places in the city downtown.

This is a very scenic and enjoyable ride through the Andes mountain ranges, perfect conditions to start winding down and getting close to our last riding day.

Day 16: Popayán – Cali

All paved – 240 km

Eventhough this is our last day and our adventure has come to an end, we still have options for some more off roading. We will get back to Cali early afternoon with plenty of time to go out for our going away dinner and look back and enjoy all the amazing experiences we shared for the past 2 weeks riding around gorgeous Colombia!

Day 17: Return home day.

Your Journey Guide will take you back to airport on time for your flight back home. We will be more than happy to assist you in any additional travel plans you may have within Colombia.

Day  7: Girón – Barichara

All paved – 120 km

When is our rest day? We are tired!! Ok, ok we’re getting there, but first how about some paragliding over the Chicamocha Canyon?? It is a short ride from Giron and on the way to our next destination, Barichara. Some claim it is the most beautiful town in Colombia! This ride is short but so sweet, the switchbacks and views of the Canyon are breathtaking, and no better way to really enjoy them than on a tandem paraglide flight! We could also skip that and get to our boutique hotel and lay by the pool and enjoy some beverages.

Day 8: Rest Day Barichara

Finally, rest day, but wait…we have so many options for activities in the area, water rafting, rappeling down waterfalls, visit the Chicamocha National Park, walk around town and so much more, satying by the pool all day is also an option and totally up to you.

Day 9: Barichara – Villa de Leyva

Mixed Terrain (Mostly paved) – 195 km

Today’s ride is mostly paved but we have an optional off-road detour to a very unique river where we can stop for a swim and enjoy its natural jacuzzi-like formations. Today’s destination town is also very well known for its Colonial Architecture, archeological sites, charm and its desertic surroundings.

Day 10: Villa de Leyva – Girardot

All paved – 295 km

Today is a long but easy ride and our destination hotel is something to look forward to, we will ride pass Bogota, Colombia’s Capital and then head to Girardot, a very popular weekend gettaway town for its warm weather and outdoor activities.